LGT Traffic Down-line Builder is a FREE Down-line club that helps anyone, with access to the internet build a FREE Traffic Exchange Down-line and Make Money! "Thousands of Hits to Any Site you Want" Those who are enjoying success today spent their time building their traffic downline (Yesterday) or overtime. Traffic is your horse that drives your cart! Nobody goes anywhere without traffic!

We've placed together a mix of FREE and PAID Programs that will assist you in Advertising Your Opportunity, Building Your Traffic Exchange Downline, and Your Contact List. LGT Traffic Down-line Builder includes the Top 50 Free Traffic Exchanges, 10 of the Top Free to Join Credit Safelists for your Email Marketing, Plus a List Building and Marketing Tools package that includes a Pro Responder, and Promotional Page Builders.

LGT Traffic Builder is an Excellent Tool for any Online Marketer that is serious about Building a Large Traffic, and Safelist Downline while Promoting a Business Opportunity and Building a Contact List!

Look What's Inside!

- List Building Tools Free or Paid from Lead Generating Tools
- CPanel Hosting from Lead Generating Tools
- Quality Monthly Resources with Software and Scripts
- Affordable Make Money Programs - Start Free!
- The Best Traffic Exchanges - Build Your Traffic Empire!
- The Best Safe-lists


Why Surf the Top Fifty Traffic Exchanges?

By surfing just 5 of the Top Fifty Traffic Exchanges daily you will stay active in all Fifty Every 10 Days. This is a great way to get your squeeze page in front of the most prospects with the least effort. Time is money so surf the best Traffic Exchanges, promote your LGT Down-line Builder, and build your Traffic Empire! 

Use the Lead Generating Tools Free GEO Rotator Service! We recommend Traffic Browser for the fastest surfing possible! Grab it inside Free!

How Does it Work?

Our database keeps track of your Free or Get-Paid programs referral IDs and every person that is placed in your Down-line. You will receive credit for people in your Down-line and your/Down-line's site visitors that join any paid or non paid programs that you participate in.

1) Your direct Down-line (with all YOUR referral IDs) will be built for potentially unlimited number of tiers and will double by each completed tier. Example: 5, 10, 20, 40, 80, 160, ...,
Total direct = 5 + 10 + 20 + 40 + 80 + 160 + ...

2) Indirect Down-line building (with some of your referral IDs). Your referral IDs will be used in your direct Down-line's Down-lines (direct and indirect), as long as all your referral IDs won't be replaced with other members referral IDs (unlimited Flow-Through). Example: 5, 25, 125, 625, 3125, ..., Total indirect = 5 + 25 + 125 + 625 + 3125 + ...It is recommended to join as many new programs as possible, since this will help you both to get more referrals and your Down-line will be built much deeper!

What about existing program referral IDs?
No problem! You will be able to enter your existing referral IDs into the database and this will only help you to get more referrals for these programs and have a bigger Down-line.

How many new members to refer?
The absolute minimum is 2, but 4 or more is recommended.
The more new members you refer, the more you will get in return!
Just Promote Your Affiliate Page!

Reasons You should join LGT Traffic Builder:

  • Stay in Touch with your Downline with our e-mail your Down-line Feature!
  • You Don't Have to Join Any Paid Programs!
  • If you do Join our Paid Programs You Will Earn Money!
  • You Receive a Free Marketing Tools Program that you can use to Track Ads, Rotate all your URL's, Plus a Free Trial Responder.
  • Down-line Growth for Potentially Unlimited Number of Tiers - with all YOUR referral IDs
  • Free Flow-Through of your referral IDs for Unlimited Tiers of your LGT Traffic Builder Down-line
  • Real-Time Statistics both of your Direct and Indirect Down-line Size, Hits to your Get-Paid Programs
  • No Web Programming Experience Required
  • Complete Support by Lead Generating Tools!
  • The Great Mix of Free and Paid Marketing Tools Designed to Build you a FREE Downline in Lead Generating Tools as well as the Top 50 Traffic Exchanges. Earn on LGT Upgrades even as a Free LGT Affiliate!

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